5 Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2021

Father’s Day 2021 is just around the corner, and as with many celebrations since 2020, it looks like this is another celebration to do from home as there has been a recent COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore. However, the man that made you into who you are today should be celebrated and honoured on this special day. If you are looking for some good Father’s Day gift ideas, we have compiled a short gift guide for you:

1. Watch

To any well-adjusted man, time is precious; for not only time is money, but good time management also reflects on a good quality of life. So, for a man who understands and appreciates the value of time, a good watch can be both a thoughtful and a useful gift to get for Father’s Day. Depending on the type of lifestyle the special man in your life leads, there are various types of watches that can be considered, from the classic analogue watches to contemporary digital watches and the more tech-savvy smart watches.

  1. Aldo Singapore SEVAREMOS Men`s Watch and Bracelet Set Black 1
    Watch and Bracelet Set
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  2. Aldo Singapore KAOADIEN Men`s Watch and Bracelet Set Grey 1
    Watch and Bracelet Set
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  3. Aldo Singapore HEGEBARTH Men`s Accessories - Watch Black 1
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    SGD $89.00

2. Wallet

Who says men cannot accessorise? Wallets are an essential must-have for every man. As wallets are used on a daily basis, they tend to wear out pretty quickly. If the man in your life is toting around a wallet that is fraying at the edges, perhaps it is time to upgrade him to a new one. These days, wallets also come with RFID to prevent theft, and are a great gift to get for Father’s Day.

  1. Aldo Singapore PALORUS Men`s Wallet Blue 1
    SGD $49.00
  2. Aldo Singapore EDYSIEN Men`s Wallet Brown 1
    SGD $59.00
  3. Aldo Singapore AISSA Men`s Wallet Brown 1
    SGD $49.00

3. A pair of loafers

It cannot be denied that loafers are the best kind of shoes that a man can own. They are fashionable, long-lasting, and easy to wear and maintain. The classic cut of loafer shoes makes them versatile and can match almost any style and outfit from formal to casual.

  1. Aldo Singapore HARROW Men`s Penny Loafer Black 1
    Penny Loafer
    SGD $229.00
  2. Aldo Singapore KOOPERFLEX Men`s Penny Loafer Black 1
    Penny Loafer
    SGD $219.00
  3. Aldo Singapore DELFORDFLEX Men`s Lace Up Derby Brown 1
    Lace Up Derby
    SGD $219.00

4. Handmade cards

Handmade cards are a universal show of love from the ones making them to the ones receiving them. They are unique, budget-friendly, and best of all, come from the heart. Making handmade cards allows you to customise them any way you like. You can print out a photo of you and your dad, draw in them, write a poem, add stickers; basically, you are only limited by your imagination. You can also choose to give him a handmade Father’s Day card, or pair it with another personalised gift. You can be sure to melt his heart, and he is sure to cherish such a thoughtful gift. If being creative is not your forte, how about try personalizing an e-gift card for him.  

5. Skincare products

Skincare will always be an important part of self-care. This is not only essential for women but to men also. With growing concerns about the thinning of the ozone layer, pollution, and unhealthy lifestyles, a proper skin care regimen will help maintain healthy and youthful-looking skin. Encourage that special man in your life to take better care of himself and get him some basic skincare products as a Father’s Day gift.

If you are still stuck on what to get for Father’s Day, browse through ALDO Singapore’s products and get a great deal on your gift for your dad now.

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