5 Handbags Storing Tips You Need to Know

Handbags are an essential part to any fashion-forward diva’s wardrobe, and they definitely have more than one handbag to mix and match with different outfits, shoes and occasions. When you are using one handbag, the rest that are not in use at the moment should be stored correctly. The results of improperly storing your handbags can result in damaging them. It is important to know how to store your purses properly to increase their longevity. We have compiled a few tips on how to store handbags properly at home, so that you can keep your handbag collection looking like the day you just bought them.

1. Clean your handbags before storing

When you use your handbag, it is natural that it gets soiled with your body’s oils and the surrounding dirt. Therefore, cleaning it is particularly important prior to storage. You should first empty out the contents, then using appropriate cleaning products according to the material of your handbag to clean it. For a softer bag construction, you can turn it inside out to clean or use a lint roller for those of a sturdier make. Make sure to talk to your handbag seller about which cleaning supplies are best suited to the material of your handbag.

2.  Stuff handbags

Once your handbags are clean (and dry!), stuff your handbags so that it retains the shape, especially for those made of skin. For handbags that are used rarely, ensure that the hardware such as the buckles and zippers are wrapped with tissue paper so that they don’t make imprints on the surface of your bag. For the stuffing, you could use a small pillow, acid-free tissue paper, or bubble wrap.

3.  Cover them

Usually, handbags come in breathable dust bags when you purchase them. Keep them so that you can store your handbags inside when they are not in use. Otherwise, you could use a cotton pillowcase of a neutral colour to avoid colour transfer. Your dust bags should be big enough to accommodate your handbag without distorting it out of shape.

4.  Place them on flat surfaces

Store your handbags inside the box they came in. If you do not have a box, store them in storage boxes that you can purchase from hardware shops. Or else, place them on a flat surface, like a shelf. Never hang up your handbags, as this will cause the handles to distort out of shape. Many are not aware about where to store their handbags properly and end up destroying a handbag that would otherwise be functional for a longer time yet.

5.  Keep them away from sunlight


It is important to know how to keep your handbags in a place that ensures that they will not get damaged from long storage. Avoid placing your handbags in direct sunlight, which can damage the material, making it fade and crack. A dark and dry closet is ideal, but any place that is dry and away from sunlight will do. A dehumidifier in the storage area can ensure that your handbags are not in a moist environment.

Follow the tips above on how to store your handbags properly at home. You will be amazed at what a little tender loving care can contribute towards the longevity of your handbags and you don’t have to worry about getting more handbags anymore! If you wish to expand your handbag collection, check out ALDO’s collection of women’s handbags for the latest styles at an affordable price now.

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