5 Tips for Wearing High Heels

Every diva knows that high heels are a must-have fashion choice, as they elevate your heels, giving your legs a slender outline, and ultimately making you look good in dresses or in jeans. However, there is the universal struggle that wearing high heels all day is simply impossible without pain! Fortunately, it is possible to wear high heels without pain! Here are a few tips on how to choose a pair of comfortable high heels:

1. Get to know your foot type and choose the right size  

Try them before you buy them. It is a fact that your feet can swell and expand as you wear them throughout the day. Thus, when you go shoe shopping, go at the end of the day so that you can get a pair that will not feel too tight after walking all day. When you try them on, walk around the store in the pair of shoes you want to buy to see that the fit feels good when you are up and about. Your high heels should hold your feet snugly and firmly in place.

2. Practice, practice, and practice

You might have seen videos of models walking around with heavy books on their heads and managing to keep their posture in ridiculously high heels. Practice, as they say, makes perfect. Walk around in your heels at home to get a feel of them before wearing them outside. This allows you to learn how to walk in heels without pain, and also makes it easier to return them if they are not suitable as they have not been soiled. Remember that the higher your heels are, the shorter your steps, so do not try to stride in them like you would in sports shoes. If they still feel good after that, then your heels are ready for their debut!

3. Choose thicker heels

Wearing high heels elevates your heels and transfers all your weight to the balls of your feet, increasing pressure on that area. In order to address this, choose high heels that have thicker soles and adequate cushioning. Good quality heels provide this cushioning, resulting in better support and comfort, allowing you to walk in them all day without pain. Heel placement and thickness also play a huge part in providing adequate support. The thicker and wider the heel, the better the weight distribution and stability. Block heels or wedge shoes are the best type of heels that provide adequate support besides being stylish.

4. Take breaks to stretch your ankles & toes

Give your legs a break and kick off your high heels when you are able to and allow your ankles and toes to stretch a little. Ensure that you flex the front of your feet and ankles, as these are the parts that withhold the most pressure when walking in high heels. Stretch your Achilles’ tendon and calf muscle, and also your instep and side of your foot.

5. Wear insoles

Orthopaedic insoles are designed specifically to mould to the shape of your foot, allowing your posture to be as anatomically correct as possible while walking in high heels. Needing a pair of insole for your shoes for added comfort?

Check out our recommendation for you. 

Foam Heel Cushion

Designed to protect your heels from blisters, adding comfort to your dress shoes.

Gel Instep Cushion

Relieves discomfort on the bottom of the foot caused by walking or standing all day. 

Terry Cloth Insole

Help absorb sweat and eliminate odors. Best recommended for athletic footwear.

Removable Insole

Eco-friendly insole - an ideal alternative option to leather insoles.

Follow the tips for wearing high heels above for a more pleasant and comfortable experience. There are always ways to make high heels more comfortable with the proper know-how. But always remember that heels are not the only type of shoes that make your outfit look great. Check out ALDO’s collection of women’s shoes for more stylish and high-quality footwear at an affordable price.

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