Introducing ALDO CleanStep™ Technology

We care about the footprint we leave - which is why, as a part of our commitment to the planet, we have innovated a new, exclusive technology to create sustainable soles that helps clean and filter polluted water.

What is CleanStep™?

The short answer? CleanStep™ is a 50/50 mix of virgin thermoplastic rubber (or TPR) and algae biomass, a material that not only helps clean and filter polluted water, but keeps CO2 from entering the atmosphere too.

Algae is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, making it the perfect resource for creating sustainable materials. To boot (or sneaker or sandal), algae doesn’t require fossil fuel or arable land to grow, which means that it helps avoid millions of pounds of waste from ever reaching landfills.

But how does it work? Let us break it down:

Step 1: Harvesting Algae Biomass

When harvested, water containing algae is filtered and safely released back into the environment, providing clean water for fish and other wildlife.

Step 2: Drying the Algae Flakes

Once the algae biomass has been harvested, it is sundried, creating a firm material known as “dried algae flakes.”

Step 3: Grinding the Algae Powder

When dry, the algae flakes are ground into a fine powder.

Step 4: Creating CleanStep™

The algae powder is mixed with a substance called Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), which is used to create a sustainable rubber-like material (go figure).


Designed with high-quality vegan materials, these sustainable slides also feature luxe quilted detailing for that extra touch of chic. 

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Look Good. Feel Good. 

Our journey towards sustainability

Environmental consciousness has always been at the heart of ALDO. Today, we’re pushing a little bit further with our ALDO Love Planet collection of sustainable shoes and accessories.

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