Behind the Scenes: Step Into Love

Step forward, step together, step into love...step behind-the-scenes! Come take a closer look at our newest brand video, Step Into Love to get the inside scoop on the inspiration, the energetic crew & cast, and the fun hidden moments that pay homage to the ALDO brand’s roots.

The inspiration

It takes courage to express your true self, but when you do, the connections you build with the world are truly authentic and empowering. For our campaign video Step Into Love, we combined Aldo’s signature style with the expressive art of dance to show the power that we have when we come together to create change. The location of the New York City subway was chosen as a metaphor for life- to show that we’re all in this together, even when we’re on our own personal journeys. At the end of the day, connect meaningfully with those around you and there’s no limit to the fun you’ll have!

*This story was filmed prior to the Covid-19.

The crew

To bring this bold vision to life, we tapped some of the top global talent celebrated for their creativity and fearless approach. Take director Ezra Hurwitz, a New York-based talent who’s also a choreographer and a former professional dancer. With degrees in film from Columbia University, his dancer’s eye gives this video its dynamic style. Celebrity choreographer James Alsop brings electric energy to the stage, combining iconic and modern genres of dance to create a routine that’s both vibrant and fun. Completing the look is stylist Tracey Nicholson, who has a day job as the fashion editor at New York’s i-D Magazine. Her cool, on-trend approach has each dancer rocking their own individual style.

The cast

We wanted to cast an eclectic international group who are united in their love of dance, looking to inspire and energize the world with the confidence of their art. With more than 15 dancers from around the world, they each use dance as a way to connect to their inner self-love. “Stepping into love to me means making the choice to be kind always along with being your authentic self,” says Amandy Fernandez, a dancer/artist who uses dance as a kind of therapy when words aren’t enough. “I connect to the world around me through love, patience and understanding,” adds her co-star Johnny Rice.

A wink to ALDO’s roots

Pay close attention and you’ll see plenty of secret winks to ALDO’s brand heritage. Don’t miss the cameo of our founder & namesake, Aldo Bensadoun (more affectionately known as Mr. B.), who makes a couple of appearances as a subway passenger. While ALDO stores can be found all around the world, the first steps & global HQ can be found in the city of Montreal. Look for a hint of our hometown and founding year of 1972 visible in the subway signage. Can you spot them all?

Want to find out what happens when you Step Into Love?

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