Christmas 2021: Accessories Gift Ideas for Her

Ah, ‘tis that season again. Mariah Carey is once again belting out “All I Want for Christmas” in malls across the world, many of them transforming into the wintry wonderland where elves and reindeer abound, even in the midst of the equator. It is also the season where men all over the world struggle to find the best gift for Christmas for the ladies in their lives. Admittedly, the task of picking the perfect Christmas presents for women can be daunting to the most self-assured of men, what with the overwhelming diversity of products catered to women with various tastes. What may be perfect for one lady in your life may not be the perfect gift for another. And we get you! Women are as unique as their tastes; it is amazing how individualistic their styles can be, even if they happen to be identical twins! With that in mind, we have prepared a handy guide for you to peruse before you go off shopping for your 2021 Christmas presents.

So, what are the best Christmas gift ideas for women?

You could never go wrong with jewelry gifts. Fashion jewelry is versatile, affordable, and easy to style. There are many styles to choose from – knowing your lady definitely helps.

For instance, when it comes to necklaces, some like simple and elegant pieces, and some like those that make a bold statement. Necklace gifts are slightly tricky to get, but we have a shortcut for you – when choosing a necklace, consider the neck size, body type, and face shape of the giftee. Longer chains can take the focus off the neck and accentuate the collarbone, while shorter pieces accentuate the neck. Taller people are better at pulling off longer chains. Face shapes are also important. Oval shaped faces can wear any length, while longer faces look better with shorter cains, and heart-shaped faces could pull off chokers and shorter necklace styles.

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Bracelets are also a sweet option for a present and can please the youngest little lady in your life to the oldest. So how to choose a suitable bracelet? Consider its function. Bracelets are a greatly visible fashion accessory, and different styles suit different occasions. You could choose a nice bangle bracelet for your daughter/niece/younger sister or cousin, wow your partner/wife with an elegant statement piece, and please your mother with a filigree chain bracelet. It is important to know the wrist size and personal style of the giftee.

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Earrings are a classy and classic gift. Similar to necklaces, it is important to consider the face shape of the giftee before buying them a pair. Inverted triangular faces would look great with teardrop style earrings, oval faces never go wrong with a gorgeous pair of studs, round faces will look elegant with dangly earrings, heart-shaped faces look amazing with chandelier earrings, and square faces will look softer with medium to long earrings with rounded edges.

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If all these suggestions are not suited to the ladies in your life, consider getting them sunglasses. The general rule of thumb to select sunglasses is to choose a pair that has the shape opposite to the wearer’s face. Thus, square faces need round, curvy frames, and round faces should go for squared, geometric shapes. Aviator-style sunglasses are best suited to heart-shaped faces. Oval-shaped faces generally can wear any rim shape

If accessories are not the jam of the lady in your life, consider bag gifts. Tote bags are making a comeback and are a great option due to their versatility and functionality. Very rarely a man has gone wrong with tote bag gifts. Totes come in many styles; from long strapped crossbody totes, leather top handle totes for career women, simple canvas totes for the beach, pretty picnic totes for a day out in the sun, and so much more.

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Do you have an inkling of what the best gift for Christmas are for the ladies in your life? Head over to ALDO SG and get some great deals this holiday season!

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