5 Elegant Top Handle Bags for Different Occasions

Do you always struggle to find the right handbags to glam up your office look? Always staring at your closet and thinking to yourself, why don't you have any matching outfit & handbags that you can rock your outing look with?

Fret not! From the elegant women’s top handle handbag to the chicest cross body handbags online in Singapore, we got you covered! Here's to the ladies who need inspiration on how to style different types of elegant looks with top-handle bags for different occasions. You know what they say, always dress ready with the right accessories!

Leather Top Handles/Totes

Professional women who are always on the go but still want to look stylish can opt for top-handle bags or leather totes for the classic, sophisticated look. Besides looking chic, it is also convenient to carry all work and personal effects. Opt for darker colours which can match any office wear you choose, and of course, don’t forget the capacity of the handbag. It should at least hold your laptop, organiser, water, and other personal effects that get you through the day looking like the queen that you are!

Cross Body Top Handles

Some days, you just want to be minimalistic, or are just tired of lugging everything around. A small handbag that carries your barest essentials would be appropriate for these days. Especially on the days that you feel like having your hands free, go for a cross body bag; you can just sling this handbag across your body and keep it safe from purse snatchers, leaving your hands free to do your tasks. This is also a great choice for the more adventurous among women, along with backpacks or duffels.

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    Handbag - Shoulder Bag
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  2. Aldo Singapore ETHOTLAN Women`s Handbag - Shoulder Bag Beige 1
    Handbag - Shoulder Bag
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Top Handle Totes

Of all search trends for women’s handbags online, tote bags are a popular type of top handle bag that are a popular choice, as they are great for any occasion at all, with their large capacity and ease of use. For those who cannot be bothered with lugging multiple bags around, totes are a great choice. To simply stuff all your things inside yet keep organised with its multiple compartments and pockets. 

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  2. Aldo Singapore CADOANADB Women`s  Handbag - Top Handle Beige 1
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Evening Top Handles

Everyone knows the popular saying about all work and no play. After a productive day at the office, the career woman certainly deserves a night out in town! Some of the more popular top handle bags that are suitable for a soiree or simply a nice dinner out would be evening bags. They are stylish yet understated so as not to distract from the mind-blowing outfit that you’re certain to be wearing.

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    Handbag - Clutch
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Dark-Coloured Top Handles

Bags of darker colours are often the go-to for its versatility and ease of maintenance. Dark-coloured bags give a professional look and are definitely a statement for any career woman's outfit. Additionally, they are also low in maintenance compared to their light-coloured counterparts. They are perfect for busy ladies who want the best of both worlds - a good look and maintenance-free bags. 

  1. Aldo Singapore FRESCA Women`s Handbag - Top Handle Pink 1
    Handbag - Top Handle
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Here are some simple tips on using handbags to complement (and not overwhelm!) your outfit:

1) Always go for darker colours if you are looking for versatility, or if you’re constantly on the go. The former is because darker colours are easier to match, and the latter is to ensure that your handbag does not get mucked up and spoil your look.

2) Boxy or round? Sling or clutch? It all depends on your body type and outfit, as well as needs. While carrying a tote bag for work is practical, it would look out of place paired with an evening gown, for instance. The more curvaceous queens can go for sleeker designs, while those with a slender body can go for more boxy designs. It is all a matter of balance.

3) Good handbags are in for the long haul. So when you buy one, ensure firstly that it is something you would definitely use, it is practical, and it complements your style.

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