How to Choose the Right Shoes Online?

With the rise of various e-commerce platforms and websites, online shopping quickly became a norm. It became even more of a staple because of the pandemic as we are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible to be safe from COVID-19. We can shop for almost everything from the comfort of our home, and those things include shoes. However, unlike shopping for groceries, shopping for footwear online is riskier as ordering the wrong pair of shoes can leave you in quite a predicament. Should you still buy shoes online? Of course you should, but you must learn a few tips before doing so! The guide below will help you understand how to get the right pair of shoes online.

Measure Your Foot Length

There are different footwear brands out there and each brand might have slight variations in their sizings. For example, the length of a pair of US size 6 shoes for brand X might be slightly longer than the length of a pair of US size 6 shoes of brand Y. Therefore, it is important for you to actually measure your foot length before you make your purchase online. Then, you can find your perfect size according to the sizing chart they provide online. Depending on the brand, your foot length is to be measured in centimeters or inches. As for ALDO Singapore, our sizing chart includes measurements in both inches and centimeters, so it is super convenient to shop with us!

Measure Your Feet Later in the Day

When it comes to measuring your foot length, the time of the day matters too. This is because our feet tend to swell more towards the end of the day. It is recommended to measure your feet during the evening as your feet are usually the largest at that time. By doing so, even during the time of the day when your feet are swollen, the pair of shoes you have bought would still comfortably fit.

Consider the Shape of the Shoes and Your Feet

Measuring foot length alone is not enough to ensure you get the right pair of shoes online. To further ensure your feet are aligned comfortably with the shoes, the shape of the shoes and your feet are important too! If you have small feet, you might need to consider sizing down when buying shoes that have a wide toe shape. Meanwhile, if you have wide feet, you should consider sizing up when buying pointed toe shoes.

Read Reviews Online

Many of the footwear that are being sold online, especially those sold by international brands, will have tons of reviews that you can find online. Maybe you have never bought any footwear from this particular brand before. From the reviews, you can get to know whether this particular brand’s shoe sizes are true to size according to its sizing chart, or if their footwear is comfortable. Once you get more opinions from previous buyers, you will be able to make a better choice.

Choose A Brand that Allows Exchange or Refund for Shoes

Unless you are trying on a pair of shoes at the store in person, you might still get an incorrectly-sized one. Apart from that, even if the shoes fit your feet perfectly, you might not be satisfied with how they look on you. These are the downsides of online shopping and we get it! Therefore, it is best for you to choose a brand that allows exchanges or refunds. You can opt for a different size or design from the seller or you can simply ask for refunds so you can shop from another brand.


Shopping for footwear online will be a more pleasant experience if you follow the tips provided above. If you’re interested in looking for a trustworthy brand for your online shoe shopping, check out the huge varieties of women’s shoes and men’s shoes we offer at ALDO Singapore now! We allow return, exchange and refund for shoes, so check out our return and exchange policy.

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