How to Pair Any Outfit with Chic Crossbody Bags?

Bags are a significant part of our wardrobe as they complement our overall outfit. However, it's also a plus when we can switch up our outfits from playful to chic without pondering too much about the type of bag that would be versatile enough to present both styles. The stylish ladies of the 90s had the right idea that would benefit many a modern fashionista today! We are, of course, talking about the crossbody bag, a classic wardrobe staple for every woman. Crossbody bags are suitable for those who want to carry more than just cards, cash, and a phone. They have a larger capacity so that you can carry some water to stay hydrated, and your personal hygiene necessities. They are available in many different styles and are suitable for different kinds of events. Crossbody bags are specially designed to contain your daily essentials while allowing you to go hands-free. These bags can be held close to you at all times, preventing the chances of being robbed. Hence, it is essential for every woman to own a crossbody bag as it's not just lightweight and comfortable, but also gives your outfit that extra cute factor with just a little bit of effort!


Crossbody bags are easily the most popular style of ladies’ sling bags. They are generally small or medium-sized, sleek, and come with adjustable and removable straps. In case you don't have one, let us convince you why you should get one now:

1. Comfortable to Carry

Women's crossbody bags are designed to evenly distribute the bag’s weight across both sides of your body, so you will not feel like you are carrying excess weight and end up with a sore shoulder. It is ideal for women who are always on the go.

2. Ease of Movement (Handsfree)

Unlike clutches or short-handled handbags, women's crossbody bags are unique in a way that you do not have to hold them. The strap holds the bag in place on your shoulder while both your hands are free to do anything else. Women’s crossbody bags do not have to be removed from the shoulder to gain access to the bag.

3. Can Be Carried in Different Ways

The versatility of crossbody bags makes them a popular choice among women as they can be paired with a huge variety of clothing styles. The bags can be either worn across the body or slung over the shoulder. With adjustable straps and multiple compartments, women's crossbody bags are a popular to-go choice as they can be customized to suit the occasion.

Below we have a quick guide on how to wear crossbody bags depending on type and situation:

- How to wear a crossbody bag as a backpack:

Wear the bag around your neck and bring it around your back. Put your arms through the strap, and then shift the part of the strap on your throat to the back of your neck. This is a convenient way to wear this bag for those who are constantly on the move and need both their hands free. Hiking and cycling enthusiasts may find this way of using a crossbody bag useful.


- How to wear a crossbody purse:

There are many crossbody purses that look elegant and fine for a nice night out; some have beautifully designed straps that act as accessories to your outfit. These types go very well with evening gowns and cocktail dresses.


- How to wear a small crossbody bag:

Small crossbody bags are great for a quick trip out to the grocery store or convenience store. It is a hassle to carry big, bulky handbags for such quick trips, so use your favorite small crossbody bag for such reasons.


- How to wear a crossbody fanny pack:

A twist on the classic fanny pack that goes around the waist, the crossbody fanny pack goes diagonally across the torso of the wearer. Besides being more secure, it gives easier access when needed, while allowing the wearer to be hands-free otherwise

4. More Secure

The way it is constructed to hang across the body, it makes it far more impossible for crossbody bags to be snatched, compared to normal shoulder bags that easily slip off the shoulder when someone snatches it. Besides, the fact that you do not have to take it off greatly reduces the risk of leaving your bag behind.

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Modern women need modern solutions to fulfill their needs. ALDO crossbody bags are not only stylish, but also provide comfort and convenience for the modern fashionista. For more styles and inspiration, check out our crossbody bag collection!

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