How to Wear Loafers: Men's Guide

Men’s loafers are perhaps one of the most stylish, refined, and classic footwear of all time. They are a classic slip-on type of shoe that do not have laces or any other fastenings and are typically made of leather or suede. They are very versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, a great investment for men with keen dressing styles. Besides looking good, slip-on loafers also save time and are fuss-free. With a variety of materials, styles, and cuts, loafers are easily adaptable, and have evolved into various looks over the years. Thus, it is important to know what loafers type to pair with a particular kind of look, and this following guide will explain more about how to dapper up your look with loafers. 

1) Pair With a Suit

From Justin Trudeau’s presidential look to Johnny Depp’s classic rock star look, loafers always accompanied their suits. When wearing a suit with loafers, it is important that the hem of the pants do not cover the top of the shows. The hem break should be slight so that a clean silhouette is achieved, and the details of the shoes are observable.

2) Modern-Inspired Fashion

Modern style boasts sharp tailoring, sleek looks, and clean-cut silhouettes. That being said, this is a style that is constantly evolving, and men’s loafers are a great type of footwear to go with this look.

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3) Summer Look

The summer look is interesting as it is in equal parts practical while also dandy. An effortlessly cool summer look can be achieved by pairing a linen shirt with a pair of light pants and completing the look with a pair of smart casual shoes, such as suede loafers.

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4) Go Sockless

When done the right way, the sockless look will give a fun, casual vibe to your outfit. It is also practical in a tropical climate, where the heat may cause perspiration. A pair of no-show socks with a bit of talcum powder can solve the funky odours that result.

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5) With Jeans or Chinos

Different types of pants give off different vibes. Slip-on loafers paired with chinos give off a relaxed but sophisticated vibe. Add a dress shirt and you have a complete semi-formal daytime look. For a more refined casual look, combine a pair of jeans with a nice polo shirt or a roll neck sweater with some casual shoes like suede loafers.

6) Smart Casual, Semi-formal, or Formal

At some point in life, we have to ditch our trainers for something more mature to make your look a bit more put together. For the smart casual style, the trick is to ensure that the outfit is not too dressy or formal. Suedes and lightweight textured loafers are some of the more versatile fabrics that do not look too rigid and can be paired with some casual slacks or jeans with a nice polo shirt or roll neck sweater, giving an effortlessly charming casual look. Choose summery tones to project a relaxed persona.

Semi-formal looks are a bit trickier, as it requires a good balance between sophistication and simplicity. Always go for classic colours when choosing your pants and tops and ensure that they are a good fit. Blazers or cardigans can give a preppy vibe to your smart casual ensemble. Suede shoes are a great complement to more vague dress codes. Just ensure that the colour balance is there – pair brighter loafers with more subdued outfits and vice versa.

Formal looks are pretty straightforward. Patented leather loafers in classic colours add a lot of weight to this look. To add a hint of classic luxury, pair your formal outfit with some high-quality velvet loafers, which will definitely stand out without making the outfit look too loud.

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