Flex Your Best

Meet our most comfortable and flexible fit yet. Get ready to slip into an all-new innovative shoe that will give you the energy to dominate the day.

We hit the ground running every day, from meetings to events and anywhere required to tackle our ever-growing to-do lists. We have to put our best foot forward – but sometimes our footwear just can’t hack it. They say if the shoe fits, wear it. But can’t our shoes do more? We asked our designers and engineers to create a shoe that would not only make us look great but feel great too.

The result? We are pumped about these pumps. The new innovative design in our ALDO Flex for women is prepared to give us a pep in our step and enough comfort and flexibility to jump into our day with both feet.

Put your foot down

Our team of designers and engineers went to great lengths to understand what it takes to make a shoe that is all-day comfortable. Instead of designing the shoe first and then putting the foot into it, we started by analyzing our own feet and then creating a shoe around it.

In noticing the areas where our feet bend the most, we redesigned our soles with more flex in those key areas. The end result is a shoe that has more natural motion than the rest.

Engineering pep in your step

Like coffee for your feet, foot comfort is the fastest way to keep you energized for the daily footrace. Simply put, if your feet are tired, so are you. The rear sole of the ALDO Flex heel is designed for support and stability.

This means each step can be as confident and controlled as you are. By increasing support, there’s less strain in every step. This means more comfort and more energy.

Don’t get caught slipping

Hardwood, concrete, marble and more. The world is a slippery mess waiting to happen. Add a few drops of rain to the mix and it’s ice skating season in the middle of August. Since we can’t change the weather (we tried and they told us it’s impossible) we did the next best thing.

Our ALDO Flex heels feature a traction pod on the forefoot that makes sure you don’t go from walking tall to dropping it like it’s hot.

Give your life some balance

Heels can sometimes feel like a high-wire act. Which is why we watched countless runway bloopers and high-heeled out takes to understand what gives women the wobbles. Heel support and stabilization is crucial to ensure proper strike, stability and control through the full step.

Each shoe features a supportive counter for stability in the heel. It cups and wraps around the back of the foot to reduce side to side motion.

These heels were made for more than just walking and they are ready to work double duty, taking you from sunrise to post-work bevvies. We created them with your feet in mind, so get ready to take load off (and keep your shoes on). We can all use a little more flexibility in our lives; doesn’t it make sense to start with our soles?

Give your heels some much needed relief and a refresh with ALDO Flex.