Leather Shoes Maintenance: The Step-by-Step Guide

Dress shoes are a must-have as a part of any man's outfit. They are not only adaptable and can be worn with any look, from casual to formal. Dress shoes are the type of men’s leather shoes that are worn for formal occasions.  There are many types of leather shoes to suit every type of formal wear, from leather loafers for men to lace-up leather shoes. They are usually built of a long-lasting, hard-wearing material, but only if properly cared for. Leather is created from cured animal skin, which means it is dead skin. Leather requires protection and care, as opposed to live skin, which is still absorbing nutrients from the body. Therefore, proper care for leather shoes is a must if they are meant to last. 

1)    Light cleaning after each wear

Cleaning your leather shoes on a regular basis will help them survive longer. Investing in appropriate shoe care products helps to ensure that you are not damaging the leather with unsuitable chemicals. Maintenance of leather shoes is made simple with the methods shown below. So, without further ado, let’s get cleansing!

Step 1: Remove visible & loose dirt after each wear

Minor dust and dirt can get settled on your dress shoes. Simply wet the towel to clean off the surface dirt. You may do the same by opting for a shoe cleaning wipe. For suede leather dress shoes, skip the above steps and clean using a suede brush. First, use the brush side to clean off surface dirt. Then, use the eraser to remove any visible scuff marks.

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Step 2: Cleaning your leather shoes 

To begin, use the leather shoe cleaner which may be bought in-store or online. Check that the cleaner is appropriate for the sort of leather you're wearing. Start rubbing the cleaner into the shoes in a circular motion. Check out our smooth leather cleaner that is suitable for non-textured leather. After removing any surplus leather cleaner using a clean, wet towel, dry it with another cloth. Allow at least 20 minutes of drying before moving onto step 3.

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Step 3: Condition your leather shoe

The conditioner keeps leather shoes moisturized and prevents them from cracking and peeling. Apply the conditioner onto the shoes gently in circular motions.Do not forget to test on a small area to test for colorfastness before spreading evenly. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes after application, then buff it with a soft cloth or a buffer until it sparkles.

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Step 4: Give them a new shine

Using a shoe polisher every 2-3 weeks helps moisturize the leather while adding a layer of shine. Simply brush the sponge onto shoes, polish it in circular motion till all surface area is covered. It should have a lovely, glossy look by now.

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Step 5: Protect your leather shoes

Put water-resistant spray on the leather surfaces to protect the surface of shoes from harsh weather, creating an invisible shield that prevents stains from settling in.

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2)    Avoid wearing everyday

Feet, like the rest of the body, sweat throughout the day. Some people's feet sweat profusely, which is understandable given Singapore's nearly year-round hot temperature. Leather, being skin, may absorb moisture, causing it to stretch, wrinkle, and discolour. Having at least two pairs of shoes in your daily wardrobe rotation allows you to switch them out every other day, allowing the previous pair to dry. Besides, here are 3 simple tips to say goodbye to stinky shoe odors. 

Tip #1: Match your favourite dress shoes with a pair of statement-making socks or no-show ankle socks that absorb the moisture yet bring out the style in you.

Tip #2: Use a shoe freshener or deodorizer ball to neutralize unpleasant odours. 

Tip #3: Slide a Terry Cloth Insole into your shoes to keep your feet cool and fresh as the terry lining and latex backing enables sweat absorption and eliminate odors easily. Bonus: it’s washable.

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3)    Store them properly

Since leather is porous and can absorb moisture and odour, which eventually leads to the breakdown of the structure of the shoe, it is essential to provide proper storage for the leather dress shoes. Here are some tips to increase the longevity of your shoes. 

Tip #1: Insert wooden shoe trees as it helps to absorb most of the moisture and odour, ensuring that the shoe maintains its shape and doesn’t crease.

Tip #2: If you do not routinely wear leather shoes, invest in fabric dust bags to store your shoes in to prevent the accumulation of dust and discoloration

If you follow these leather shoe maintenance guidelines, you can be sure that they will always appear new and glossy, as well as lasting a long time. Check out ALDO's men's shoe line right now to add some flair to your outfit!

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