Must-Have Items this 11.11 Sale

Black Friday sales have always been the focus every year, with special offers that you wouldn't want to miss. What’s even better is that the legendary 11.11 sales are just around the corner as well! November truly is the month to kickstart the shopping season! Shop til you drop to own our top notch products like accessories, shoes such as heels and sneakers for both men and women, handbags and more available at this Black Friday and 11.11 sale! Shoes complete every look you own, even the simplest style. After all, what is the point of dressing up if you are not going to step out and show off your amazing fashion sense, right? Step out in style with an incredible pair of kicks and watch as you become the envy of the town! There are many occasions in your life that require different types of shoes. Granted, there are many places that you can find fancy shoes for fancy occasions. But what about college shoes, or work sneakers, or your daily leisure sneakers? These are the shoes that need to be sturdy, comfortable, and fashionable – you are wearing them for long periods of time throughout the day, after all. What if we told you that we have it all? Complete with shoes/bags/accessories to rock out your overall back to school/office/fun look – your one-stop shop for all your fashion needs! Read on and see some of the things we offer:


Our ALDO heels are absolute must-haves for women’s wardrobe — and why miss out on this chance when our heels are on sale? Strut in style and elegance as you turn heads with our comfortable heels! We prioritise style and fashion without compromising your comfort. We also provide a wide range of designs such as block heels, open toe heels, wedges and more.

  1. Aldo Singapore KERSAUDY Women`s Ankle Strap Platform Heel Black 1
    Ankle Strap Platform Heel
    SGD $189.00
  2. Aldo Singapore TOEA Women`s Thong Wedge Beach Sandal White 1
    Thong Wedge Beach Sandal
    SGD $99.00


Another of the most sought after footwear are sneakers. Sneakers are popular among men and women for the comfort and flexibility they provide and ALDO’s sale offers just that at reasonable prices! With ALDO's Pillow Walk, sneakers for women collection that lets you stand tall and stay comfy from morning to midnight as well as ALDO’s Flex collection of ultra-flexible women shoes that is designed so you can walk, bend and move comfortably, you can hardly find any other brand that offers shoes with customers' comfort in mind. Moreover, with ALDO’s sneakers Comfort Zone for men, enjoy comfortable, weightless, cloud-like soles. Put the perfect bounce in every step with a pair of unique, light cushioned insoles with a high footbed for men's sneakers who need to be on their feet all day. The lighter the shoes, the longer you can stay on your feet!

  1. Aldo Singapore LAROU Women`s Low Top Sneaker White 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    SGD $149.00
  2. Aldo Singapore COSMICSTEP Women`s Jogger Sneaker Multi 1
    Jogger Sneaker
    SGD $149.00

Bags and Wallets

A stylish handbag or a classy wallet can really give people an excellent first impression upon meeting you. Select from the vast array of bags at ALDO’s 11.11 sale such as women’s shoulder handbags, clutches, top handle bags and more. Fret not as we wouldn’t leave you distinguished men out. ALDO provides a wide variety of bags for men as well such as crossbody bags, backpacks and wallets so that you can spend in style.

  1. Aldo Singapore ICONICOURT Women`s  Handbag - Top Handle Beige 1
    Handbag - Top Handle
    SGD $119.00
  2. Aldo Singapore MANIFEST Women`s Handbag - Wallet Black 1
    Handbag - Wallet
    SGD $79.00


Spruce up your look with our timeless accessories such as jewellery, sunglasses, belts and more! With ALDO’s 11.11 and Black Friday’s sale, you’ll find yourself fully stocked with our accessories that are affordable as well as impressive in quality! ALDO accessories are a much coveted item by many women. We even have accessories catered to our male customers as well!

  1. Aldo Singapore ADWILIDITH Women`s Accessories - Bracelet Gold 1
    Accessories - Bracelet
    SGD $29.00
  2. Aldo Singapore CARES-NA Women`s Accessories - Earrings Purple 1
    Accessories - Earrings
    SGD $49.00

Get your money’s worth this Black Friday and 11.11 sale with ALDO SG’s where you can select shoes, accessories as well as bags and handbags for both men and women. Whether it’s for you or as a gift for Christmas as it is around the corner, ALDO SG’s online store is the place that has it all!