Style Men’s Dress Shoes with Any Outfit

Heads up, men! Owning dress shoes is not just about feeling luxurious – it is a necessity to own them. Dress shoes can be either styled up elegantly or styled down casually, depending on the occasion. It surely beats having a closet full of shoes for every occasion! Besides, dress shoes are known to be comfortable, stylish, and very versatile. With just a little bit of know-how, you can strut around in your favourite pair of kicks in style. We have prepared a handy guide on how to style dress shoes, including how to lace men's dress shoes, as well as the best outfits to pair them with. As the saying goes, fashion never sleeps!

Oxford Shoes Style Guide

In the 1800s, this style of shoes was all the rage among the students at Oxford University, and this timeless classic has gone on to be a staple in every dapper gentleman’s closet to date.

Lacing: Traditionally, Oxford shoes are easily recognisable by their “closed-lacing” style, which gives the foot a slim, elegant silhouette. The best way to lace these shoes is going across in straight lines to keep the silhouette straight and avoiding strain to the leather and vamp.

Pair it with: A tailored suit to go with the neat and polished look of the shoes, a modern body-confirming, long sleeved sweater and slacks for a casual look, or a business suit for an office look.

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Loafers Style Guide

Men’s loafers are versatile and come in various styles and colours, making this kind of footwear suitable to match different styles. Usually, smooth materials such as leather and suede are used to make loafers.

Lacing: The loafer is a style of shoe that may be readily put on and taken off the foot without the need for laces. If there happen to be laces, they are usually there for decorative purposes, and serve no practical use.

Pair it with: There are several rules of thumb on how to dress with loafers. Firstly, while loafers are pretty versatile, the best look for them is smart casual. It is not advisable to pair loafers with a formal three-piece suit, but a more casual suit can be considered. For a more casual look, they can be paired with jeans, chinos, and even a nice pair of shorts. There are many more ways on how to style loafers, but the general ways are covered above.

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Dress Boots Style Guide

These shoes are constructed similarly to Oxfords, the only difference being a longer shaft that goes up past the ankles.

Lacing: These comfortable boots are the most versatile style on this list – depending on what it is paired with, it can go from completely formal looking to absolutely casual. The straight lacing would be more appropriate for formal occasions, while lacing in a criss-cross pattern is suitable to be paired with a less formal outfit.

Pair it with: A dark formal suit for formal occasions, and slacks and polo tees for a semi-casual look.

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