The Shoe that Works for You

What if our feet didn’t have to bear the brunt of all our hard work? The word comfort doesn’t often find itself associated with the traditional work shoe. Rigid construction and stiff soles have left us here at Aldo wondering, how can we do better? We told our engineers we wanted to see an innovation that elevated shoes from cool and functional to cool and comfortable.

The result? ALDO Flex. A shoe that keeps us looking sharp and works for us for the long haul.

Bottoms Up

In rethinking the engineering, the team started with the soul of the shoe first... the sole. Unlike the traditional slippery leather bases with hard rubber heels, each ALDO Flex features a natural non-slip sole. This means you’ll never be caught slipping and every step feels like walking on a cloud.

Less Funky Business

Another thing our engineers learned from walking in so many shoes? They aren’t always fresh. Feet sweat and since we can’t change feet, we changed our shoes. That’s why our scientists worked with our engineers to create a midsole that wouldn’t make your feet smell like a foot.

Antibacterial foam was used to create an environment that doesn’t allow sweat to be converted to funk. But taking it one step further, active charcoal foam with odour control in the upper and ventilation perforations ensure your feet feel fresher than when they began their day.

Flexible, but not like yoga

Most people probably think comfort comes from layers of oh-so-soft foam and piles of padding. While somewhat true, it really overlooks a key part of comfort - flexibility. Without giving away any secrets behind the unique cellulose structures featured in our inner and outer soles or that they flex more width ways which means your shoes feels like it moves better with the foot, we will say this, they’ll keep you light on your toes running from meeting to meeting and all the way back home.

A little bit softer now... And a little bit softer now...

Did you know that your heel strikes the ground with the same force as a sledge hammer being swung by a super strong construction worker? Now, while we can’t explicitly prove that, we do know that it’s still pretty hard. So, logically it made sense to focus more on these key strike and support areas where your foot might need a little extra something, something.

So, each ALDO Flex sole has extra thick memory foam heel support and padded arch support. Think of it this way, it’s like pillows for your feet bits.

Lacing it up

We know we’ve thrown a lot of information at you about these amazing new soles our team in Montreal has created, but it’s only because we’re ridiculously proud of how comfortable they are. After all, we have to wear our own shoes every day, so this is as much about making something great for you as it is about making something great for us.

Check out how to get your feet cozy with comfort in the new ALDO Flex sole.

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