The Wedding Guide for Brides

It can be both an exciting as well as a frightening thing to think about when it comes to your wedding preparation. You’ll have to plan the catering, who to invite, how many people to invite, theme of the wedding and more. It can be a real challenge. However, we’re here to help you tackle the most important issue: The Look! Here, we have a guide on things that you should have prepared for the wedding day of your dreams.


The main thing to take note of is that bridal shoes for women — be it heels or flats — have to match your wedding dress. You obviously cannot pair a blue or pink pair of heels with that gorgeous white gown now, can you? In the 1800s, this style of shoes was all the rage among the students at Oxford University, and this timeless classic has gone on to be a staple in every dapper gentleman’s closet to date.

Besides that, whilst colour plays a major role in picking out the perfect pair of bridal shoes, you need to take comfort into consideration as well. Comfort is possibly the most important factor of the perfect wedding footwear. How else will you be able to display elegance when you feel a thousand needles stabbing your heel or experiencing a backache?

After the ceremony, you will most definitely be expected to meet and greet your guests which will include a lot walking around and being on your feet for long periods of time. Weddings are often an exhausting affair but it doesn’t have to be! With ALDO SG, gracefully float down the aisle with your choice of our vast variety of wedding shoes for women ranging from wedding heels, sandals, flats and more for the lovely bride to be. Step into comfort and step out in style with our bridal shoes for women!


  1. Aldo Singapore SUZETTE Women`s Sling Back Heeled Shoe White 1
    Sling Back Heeled Shoe
    SGD $159.00
  2. Aldo Singapore DORE Women`s Novelty Heeled Sandal White 1
    Novelty Heeled Sandal
    SGD $229.00
  3. Aldo Singapore SEVILLA Women`s Sling Back Heeled Shoe Black 1
    Sling Back Heeled Shoe
    SGD $159.00
  4. Aldo Singapore LAREINE Women`s Sling Back Heel Green 1
    Sling Back Heel
    SGD $199.00


While the dress and shoes are incredibly important choices to make for a bride, picking out accessories is no small matter compared to them. You need to consider how you want to wear your hair — up, down, halfway or some other style. When you have an idea on that, you can decide on your hair accessories. Many women go for a veil whilst some completely check the veil out of their list and opt for something like a tiara instead. If your dress isn’t too flashy, you could go for both a tiara and a veil. 


You also need to decide on the jewellery you want. The common bridal accessories you’ll wear on your wedding day are your engagement ring and wedding band. But in terms of additional jewellery, it’s up to you to decide what looks best with your dress. As mentioned, if your wedding dress is going to be bold you should go for necklaces and earrings that are subtle. If your dress is simple, you can decorate yourself with louder jewellery. ALDO SG has got you covered as we have a wide variety of bridal accessories for you to choose from including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and many more!


  1. Aldo Singapore JAVENANY Women`s Accessories - Earrings Pink 1
    Accessories - Earrings
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  2. Aldo Singapore CARES-NA Women`s Accessories - Earrings Purple 1
    Accessories - Earrings
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  3. Aldo Singapore CASCADA Women`s Accessories - Earrings Silver 1
    Accessories - Earrings
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  4. Aldo Singapore CARES-AG Women`s Accessories - Earrings Silver 1
    Accessories - Earrings
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With ALDO SG, rest assured you can come into possession of the perfect wedding shoes for women as well as men, accessories such as dainty necklaces and bridal worthy earrings as well as other interesting products. Get spoiled for choice with our wide range of Wedding footwear and accessories for your big day!