Tips for Buying Women's Boots

In cold weather, boots are typically worn to protect the feet from frostbite. However, in recent years, boots, particularly boots for women, have grown in favour all over the world. With the right pair of ladies’ boots, you'll be able to be in style in hot and humid Singapore while looking like the diva you see on runways. We frequently hear about how uncomfortable boots are. However, it is quite simple to search for the newest women’s trending boots online in order to stay fashionable with a pair of comfortable boots.

Types of boots

There are many types of ladies’ boots, for daily wear or otherwise. For instance, ankle boots are available in different silhouettes such as chelsea boots, combat boots and socks boots etc. The shaft height of ankle boots ranges from 3” to 8.75” and they are exceptionally popular since they can be worn every day and look great with slim jeans and above-the-knee dresses or skirts.


When fashion meets function

We can’t get enough of these show-stopping combat boots designed with mixed textures, chunky lug soles and sustainable materials. These edgy lug sole boots are crafted with planet-loving material and come with earthy-tone palette and classic black. Pair’em up with a utility crossbody bag to score more style points.

Knee-high boots come all the way up to your knees and make your legs look longer and leaner. The shaft height of the knee-high boots usually ranges from 13.75” to 17.75”. These boots for women look great with knee-length or mid-thigh-length dresses or skirts. Opt for monochromatic hues or boots with simple hardware detailings for the perfect minimalist look.

Over-the-knee boots spice up simple outfits while remaining daring and are surprisingly easy to style. These boots for women end just above the knee and are usually designed with shaft height of 18” or higher - making them the ideal complement to slim jeans, a tank top, and a bomber jacket. From the classic round toe to the trendy square toe boots, get ready to turn heads when you strut down the bustling shopping belt.

Flat boots are practical yet stylish, and can be paired with almost any outfit. The heel height of the boots generally ranges from 0” to 0.75”, making it perfect for daily wear. These boots come in different shapes like round toe, almond toe and square toe. Now, it’s time to look for the perfect comfy boots with on-trend colours like tan, brown and beige for the ultra-chic look.

Which to choose?

Every wardrobe deserves a pair of statement-making boots that you will wear on repeat and we don’t deny that it can be a tough choice to find that perfect pair of boots that checks the right boxes i.e. fashionable yet functional. 

Boots being clothing items, certain ladies’ boots should be worn only during fall and winter seasons. Boots were originally made to keep the feet warm, but since they are now a fashion staple, manufacturers are developing boots that can be worn year-round. However, if you are looking for boots for a particular reason, like keeping your feet warm, ensure that you purchase the appropriate ones.

The second thing to consider when choosing boots is the purpose. Do you want to wear it daily to work? Do you need hiking boots? Are you looking to complete your evening date look? Consider your purpose for purchasing carefully before choosing the appropriate pair.

Lastly, consider the style. While boots are pretty versatile and can be matched to a diverse range of outfits, pairing them properly will make your ensemble look like a million bucks.

Regardless of keeping your feet warm or shopping for a pair of everyday boots, you will find something appropriate for every style at an affordable price. Plus, our boots come in a variety of materials ranging from leather, nubuck, suede, and even patent to suit the occasion.

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The sizing & fit

Poorly fitted boots can contribute to a lot of podiatric problems, including corns, bunions, and stress fractures. Take proper measurements and ensure the size fits well, comfortable enough to walk around and wiggle your toes, and loose enough to provide some air space inside without your foot slipping around while wearing it. If you like to wear socks under your boots, go for half a size or a size up to accommodate for the thickness of the sock.

Check out our collection of women's boots online. Whether you are going for the cowboy look pairing boots with jeans, or the socialite look pairing them with a dress, you can get the best boots for women in Singapore at ALDO.

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