Trend-right Shoes For The Sneaker Lover

As the saying goes, good and comfortable shoes bring you far.

For decades, people have been arguing over how sneakers are labelled as a "casual outfit" yet over the years, sneakers have slowly evolved into becoming a must have in our daily look. Whether it's a casual outfit or a girls’ night out, sneakers are one of our most important companions. Compared to other types of footwear, these comfortable women’s shoes have proven their versatility when paired with a huge range of casual dressing styles. For instance, you could pair slip-on sneakers with a summer dress for a fun look, or some high-tops with jeans and t-shirt for a cool look. Here is a list of the 5 types of ladies’ sneakers every woman should have in her wardrobe:

Running shoes/Trainers

Every woman should have at least one pair of trainers for physical activities. The sports buffs among us would definitely attest to the extra support, cushioning, and bounciness that a good pair of running shoes for women, or any other sports sneakers, give to the wearer. Besides providing comfort, they also provide balance, traction, safety, and foot health. Save a trip to the podiatrist by investing in a good pair of sports sneakers for women. They can also make you look stylish even as you are breaking sweat at the gym! Put on one of these chic-looking joggers with your gym clothes and you are ready for your next cafe or shopping session!

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    Laced-up Wedge Sneaker
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  2. Aldo Singapore FEELGOOD Women`s Laced-up Wedge Sneaker Purple 1
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Slip-on Sneakers

Considered as classics, slip ons are lightweight sneakers for women that have always been a popular option for those who are always on the go. They do not have shoelaces to do up or untie, and the silhouette is particularly pleasing for minimalists, both for the streamlined cut as well as the ease of getting them on and off. These are definitely one of the most practical types of ladies’ sneakers.

  1. Aldo Singapore RPPLFROST1B Women`s Slip-on Low-Top Sneaker White 1
    Slip-on Low-Top Sneaker
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  2. Aldo Singapore RPPLFROST1B Women`s Slip-on Low Top Sneaker Pink 1
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Trending: Wedge & Platform Sneakers

It cannot be denied that wedges add that little “extra” height boost some of us may need. However, they also make your legs look great without adding too much stress to the balls of your feet, as well as keeping you stable even when your centre of gravity has increased. Some genius mind decided to combine the stylishness of the wedges with the comfort and functionality of sneakers and came up with women’s platform sneakers, which go great with a cocktail dress or slim fit pants to show off the leggy look.

Sustainable Sneakers

Many discarded sneakers that are thrown out end up in the landfill, where they begin their long 30–40-year decomposition process. The demand for footwear is one that cannot cease as it is a necessity. However, the materials used for a pair produces an alarming amount of carbon dioxide, and with 300 million pairs being thrown out each year, it is very unsustainable to the environment. The good news is consumers of today are more educated on environmental issues and are shopping responsibly. The current generation do not hesitate to pay a bit more for sustainable sneakers if it means that they did their part to preserve the environment. Nevertheless, Aldo has made it affordable for you.

  1. Aldo Singapore FINEDAY Women`s Low Top Sneaker Pink 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    SGD $139.00
  2. Aldo Singapore MEADOW Women`s Low Top Sneaker Pink 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    SGD $139.00

Plimsoll & Low Top Sneakers

Plimsolls are one of the most common types of comfortable women’s shoes to be found and are also quite popular among buyers. They are commonly known as low-tops and are available in many different styles to cater to individual tastes. In order to show them off, they are usually paired with ankle socks to avoid distracting attention from the shoes. They look great with skinny jeans or rolled-up jeans, as well as short/medium length dresses and skirts.

  1. Aldo Singapore LAVIE Women`s Low Top Sneaker Pink 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    SGD $139.00
  2. Aldo Singapore LAROU Women`s Low Top Sneaker White 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    SGD $149.00

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