Love Planet: Eco-friendly Handbags & Sustainable Shoes

Our journey towards sustainability

Environmental consciousness has always been at the heart of ALDO. We strive to influence society not only through fun, fashion & style, but also in our fundamental responsibility to the planet.

We care about the footprint we leave.

Every day, we leave a carbon footprint in the world that increases day by day. As modernisation takes over to accommodate an increasing population, lowering our carbon footprint becomes more important than ever. We at ALDO care about the planet – and as such, we have committed to reduce our carbon footprint by innovating new, exclusive technology dedicated to decreasing the use of unsustainable materials. From sustainable shoes to eco-friendly bags, we aim to build ourselves as a sustainable shoe and bag brand, where fun, fashion, and style meets a strong sense of responsibility towards the planet. 

Our Products

We are constantly pushing our efforts to searching for new manufacturing processes and better materials for the planet.

Our Commitments

We care about the footprint we leave. We continuously strive to reduce our environmental wastage by offering eco-friendly alternatives in our operations, such as offering e-receipts and eco shopping bags.

Our Packaging

We are always looking for new creative ways to reduce our waste. In 2019, we officially broke-up with single-use shopping bags.

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Our Sustainable Collection: ALDO Love Planet

ALDO’s Love Planet sustainable shoes, sneakers, handbags, and backpacks are made with recycled plastic and other recycled materials. The shoes are made from recycled plastic, especially with used plastic water bottles. Our eco-friendly handbags are made of recycled materials such as waterborne polyurethane plastics, recycled nylons, and sustainable linings. With ALDO’s RPPL (pronounced “ripple”) Effect, we take sustainability to the next level. Our shoe insoles are made with algae biomass, while the upper knit is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and the outsoles from recycled plastic. There are three ways our sustainable shoe brand positively affects the environment:

The Freshwater Effect

Each sneaker cleans and filters 35 litres of freshwater (equivalent to 70 standard water bottles).

The CO2 Effect

Each sneaker prevents 640 grams of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere through the process of harvesting algal blooms.

The Plastic Effect

The recycled knot in each pair of sneakers prevents the equivalent of 5 plastic water bottles from ending up in the landfill.

While it may be difficult to digest the fact that shoes can help to clean and filter polluted water, we assure that this is entirely possible with the soles of our eco-friendly sneakers, engineered with the CleanStep™ technology which uses a 50/50 mixture of virgin thermoplastic rubber and algae biomass. Algae are one of the fastest growing plants on earth, and algal blooms can often spell disaster for marine ecosystems. Harvesting algae blooms thus not only helps to clean and filter polluted water, but also helps to maintain a balanced marine ecosystem, and releases less CO2 into the atmosphere. Besides, algae do not require fossil fuel or arable land to grow, preventing millions of pounds of waste.

We are putting all the effort we can into saving the environment. Besides using sustainable and recycled materials to make our products, we are also committed to reducing waste by issuing e-receipts, and you can take your new sustainable bag or eco-friendly sneakers home in our exclusive eco-shopping bag.

Now, you can also do your part for the environment by shopping sensibly. Explore ALDO’s LOVE PLANET collection for women now.

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Designed with CleanStep™ Technology

Introducing our exclusive sustainable technology that helps clean & filter polluted water. Talk about cleaning up nice.

The RPPL Effect

RPPL (pronounced Ripple), our first sustainable shoe, hit the market. Now get ready for the new generation of RPPL.