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  2. The Essential Handbags for Every Woman

    Ask any woman and she'll tell you that one can never have too many handbags! 

    For women, handbags are definitely not just these things we sling over our shoulder or clutch daintily in our hands, they are a representation of our lifestyle and personality. Whether it's a classic black tote or brilliant pink clutch or any other form of ladies handbags, here are the most searched women's handbag online that every girl should know and must-have:


    From a casual date to a pool party or even a refined family dinner, crossbody bags are the chameleons of fashion. You can pretty much get away with crossbody bags for many occasions, depending, of course, on the design, colour and complete look.


    The easiest to go hand-free for someone who love to be on-the-go. Backpack has everthing you need: adjustable shoulder straps, large compartment and functional zippers just right for all your outings this season! 

    Top handle

    If you're headed for a formal business meeting or thinking of something to complete your office attire, top handle bags are the go-to for a formal look. The structured design of a top handle bag makes it a staple briefcase for women.


    A lady should always own at least one of these, as clutch bags are the sophisticated accessory for your gala dinners and prom nights. It's classy with just enough space for your essentials!

    Tote bag

    This is the daily driver. Tote handbags for women are the staples that hold everything and anything. Tote bags vary in sizes, from shopper totes to mini ones, and this is the type you take for a quick trip to the mall or out for a lazy Sunday anywhere.

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